Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: Check Out the Inside Too ASMP-NY: Print On Demand Book Publishers

Wednesday, June 24th
Studio 385
385 Broadway (between White and Walker Streets), New York
Doors: 6:30 PM
Event: 7:00 PM
Refreshments and Food: 9:00 PM
ASMP members: FREE
non-ASMP members: $30
students with I.D.: $10
Print on demand publishing has become more and more popular. Professional photographers and hobbyist are now able to order single press-printed hardcover and softcover books and magazines online and at relatively low cost. People are always asking: “who’s the best?”
It would be cost prohibitive for most photographers to do this kind of test for themselves, or at least it wouldn’t make sense when the finished product is only one or a handful of books, so we found 18 different printers throughout the spectrum and did a blind test. The printers didn’t know (and most of them still don’t know) that this book was a test for ASMP-NY.
We’ve taken 17 images plus some color and grayscale patterns and had them printed by 18 different POD printers. Come and judge for yourself which ones are the best. Compare images between books and Epson test prints. Decide which printers offer the best value for you. See the images, feel the paper and inspect the bindings and covers.
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