ASMPNY’s Fine Art Conversations – Curators and Dealers!

When: February 2, 2011

Where: Soho Photo 15 White Street

Time: Doors and registration open 6:30pm
Panel Discussion 7-9:00pm

Stella Kramer’s blog about the event:

ASMPNY is honored to have three of the most commanding voices at the nucleus of fine art photography on this panel discussion about fine art photography.

- HOWARD GREENBERG – One of the world’s top photography dealers and owner of the Howard Greenberg

- JEFF ROSENHEIM – Curator of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art

- BRIAN WALLIS – Chief Curator, ICP, the International Center of Photography

Moderator - Susan May Tell, photographer and ASMPNY Fine Art Chair

All three panelists strive to create interest in and share great photography with the public. Yet their mission, because of venue, is different and that impacts what each does and how they do it. Topics may include similarities and differences as they relate to this, such as:

-Who is ‘your’ audience? How do you interest people to become part of it?
-The process of creating/organizing exhibitions: i.e. the length of time involved; chosen by committee or
individual vision; do market-place decisions play a role?
-Relationships with collectors, auction houses, critics.
-The importance (or not) of prints being editioned.
-Silver and chromogenic vs digital prints. Vintage vs recent prints.
-How ‘your’ paths cross and how do you work together (or don’t). are their rivalries? do you compete for
photographers’ work?
-Perspectives on work being done by this generation of photographers.
-The role of the internet (and all its electronic iterations) on our fine art photography heritage.
-How photographers become on one’s radar and the best ways for photographers to grow that relationship.


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