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Paul Sleeman

16 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

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Paul Anthony Sleeman is an architecture, fine art, travel and environmental portrait specialist. Paul is a member of the ASMPNY chapter and divides his time between New York and Sydney, Australia.

Paul commenced his career as a photo-journalist in the 60s with rock magazines, capturing groups including the Rolling Stones. By the 80s, he was based in South East Asia, primarily Hong Kong and Jakarta, focusing on the socio-political climate of China and Indonesia, before returning to Sydney to work as a scriptwriter.

Paul has an international following, particularly in the USA. His architectural images are in the possession of private and corporate collections, including The American Club, which features nine images from his Gotham series on permanent display and Mercedes-Benz of Sydney which has twenty six images from his Emerald City collection. Paul's Mercedes-Benz assignment was judged to be included in the ASMPs Best of 2011.

Mercedes-Benz Collection Review:
This latest suite of color photography from Paul Sleeman moves away from his familiar images of the muscular architecture of New York city towards a gentler view of contemporary Australia but still littered with iconic 20th Century structures including an impressionistic view of the Sydney Opera House, graffiti strewn tunnels and telling details from earlier generations of muscle-cars. Sleemans considerable strengths as a photographer lie in his search for human presence and atmosphere observed with precision, deep within our cities.
Robert McFarlane, Writer & Photographer

Pauls book, Paul Anthony Sleeman: Decade 2001-2010, featuring images in the fields of architecture, Islam, life and the female nude was published in New York in May 2010 (sold out), and is held by the National Library Canberra together with various State and University Libraries.