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Kris Connor

Celebrity, Political and Music Portraits

115 W 18th st
2nd Fl
New York, NY 10011

(301) 943-6698 Work


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Kris Connor is a DC and New York based celebrity and political photojournalist. His style has been described as “Controlled Chaos” by The New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley. He has worked for such clients as The Daily Newspaper, Getty Images, Save the Children Foundation, Humane Society of the United States, FilmDistrict, Cirque du Soleil, Grammy Association, Omega watches, , The Danish Government, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Fox Network, Raytheon, and Warner Brothers. He attended the 64th Missouri Photo Workshop in the fall of 2012 in Troy, Missouri.

He is currently working on two long term projects, one titled "Polirazzi," that looks at the role celebrities play in today's politics and the other is "My Father...My Hero." In a time that America's focus is placed on the young disabled combat veterans coming out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the disabled veterans of generations past are being forgotten about. Through documenting the everyday struggles that are placed on his father and family, Kris hopes to bring attention to these forgotten warriors.

He uses 360◦ stills as a new form of visual storytelling putting the viewer in the scene to give them the feeling that they are there, whether it is at the State of the Union or in the middle of a flooded Bangkok.